CRITERION: Vampyr Arrives on Blu-Ray in October

Criterion announced Carl Dreyer's Vampyr will debut on Blu-Ray in October with an upgraded DVD.

The German language horror film originally dropped on DVD in 2008 via Criterion.

Like its previous Criterion release the DVD will be a two-disc set while the Blu will be a single disc. Bonus features are below.

Vampyr arrives on October 3rd.

Lost Horizon Debuts on Blu in October

Sony has announced an October 3rd street date for the Blu-Ray debut of Frank Capra's Lost Horizon in honor of its 80th-anniversary. 

Originally released on DVD in 1999, this new Blu-ray will boast a 4K restoration and a 24-page book with rare archival photographs. There's no word if the DVD will be upgraded.

Final artwork is forthcoming.

WARNER ARCHIVE: John Wayne Dominates Latest Wave

Two new-to-Blu releases have been announced by Warner as part of their Archive Collection both starring John Wayne.

They are:
The Sea Chase arrives July 11th. Blood Alley debuts on July 18th.

These titles add to the total of over 1,600 Warner Archive titles exclusively available for rent at

CRITERION: Rebecca Arrives in September

Criterion announced Alfred Hitchcock's Rebecca will return to print in September with an upgraded DVD and Blu.

The Joan Fontaine romantic drama originally dropped on DVD in 2001 via Criterion before going out of print. It was later re-released and debuted on Blu-ray through MGM in 2012.

Both the DVD and Blu-Ray are two-disc sets. Bonus features are below.

Rebecca arrives on September 5th.

KINO: Duel in the Sun, Elvis Presley & More Premiere in August

Six titles are scheduled for release in August from Kino including the Blu-ray premiere of Duel in the Sun (1946).

August 1st:
August 8th:
August 15th:
August 22nd:
Duel in the Sun, Beggars of Life and Variete will receive updated DVDs while Clambake, Frankie and Johnny and The Devil's Brigade are Blu only.

OLIVE: Money From Home Plus The Savage Innocents Arrive on Blu

Olive Films has announced a June 27th release date for the Blu-Ray debut of the 1953 comedy Money From Home. 
Also arriving on the same day is the 1960 Anthony Quinn drama The Savage Innocents which is premiering on both DVD and Blu.

Bonus features to the DVD and Blu-Ray aren't anticipated.

WARNER ARCHIVE: Hondo - The Complete Series Arrives on DVD

Warner has announced the release of Hondo: The Complete Series.

This marks the debut of the Ralph Taeger-starring Western in a complete set. The series ran for one season in 1967.

The 4-disc set contains all 17 episodes in the series.

Hondo arrives June 13th, adding to the total of over 1,700 Warner Archive titles exclusively available for rent at

FLICKER ALLEY: The Lost World Debuts on Blu in September

Flicker Alley has announced the Blu-Ray premiere of the silent creature feature The Lost World.

Unlike previous Flicker releases this is a Blu-Ray release only. There's no word if the DVD, originally released in 2001 from Image, will be updated. Bonus content is below.

The Lost World will be available here at ClassicFlix on September 12th.

KINO: Bob Hope & Night People on Blu Premiere in July

Six titles are scheduled for release in July from Kino.

Five of the titles star Bob Hope. They are:
Also premiering, on July 25th, is Gregory Peck's Night People (1954) on Blu-Ray. It was released on DVD via 20th Century Fox in 2012.

All except Night People will receive updated DVDs. The five Bob Hope movies arrive on July 5th.

All can be viewed in our Recent Additions section.

Untouchables TV Movie, Scarface Mob, Debuts in July

Paramount has announced a July 18th release date for The Untouchables: The Scarface Mob.

Starring Robert Stack and based on the adventures of Eliot Ness, The Untouchables ran for four seasons between 1959-1963 on CBS. But before it debuted this 2-part TV movie acted as a pilot, airing on the anthology series Desilu Playhouse in 1959. When the show took off the two parts were spliced together and released theatrically as The Scarface Mob.

CBS released all four seasons of the original show in a box set back in 2016.